Little About Us

Nest 88 is located in the heart of Little Poland, New Britain, CT, It is host to numerous social and cultural events i its newly renovated ballroom facilities, including holiday gatherings, family celebrations, concerts and fundraiser events. Outdoor cultural festivals such as the annual Harvest Festival “Dozynki” are held on its 30 acre outdoor facility, in addition to concerts, markets and sporting events. These traditions established by our founding members and set in our organizations constitution and bylaws over the past 110 years have provided Polish immigrants and descendants the opportunity to grow and develop in our Polish community.

Soon after, Marino attended the Florence Culinary Institute, where he developed his unique culinary style with a distinguishable, classically Italian, twist. He then began his career as an executive chef in New York's renowned Seventeenth Season restaurant. He joined us in 2012 and has been providing fine Italian dining ever since.